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Scientific and Research Information-Analytical Center «LEX»

Center «LEX»



About Us

The Scientific and Research Information-Analytical Center «LEX» is a private company, was established in 2004, has status of a limited liability company, operates in  field of nuclear security, based in Kyiv (Ukraine), is a member of the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) Vienna, Austria.

The nuclear security is an integral part of national and international safety, concerns different areas related to safety, security and safeguards. Subject of the nuclear security is very multifaceted, we specialize in  organizational, information-analytical, information-instructive services.

In carrying out our activities, we cooperate with many government agencies, scientific, industrial, business community, participants of commercial nuclear programs from Ukraine and other countries, international organizations.

Our policy

Absolute safety and security does not exist, but we must strive to it…

Assuring effective approaches to threats in the nuclear security requires introduction of the most modern organizational and technical (technological) innovation solutions.

One of our priorities in our activities is to creation international market of innovations with a view to establish partnerships and cooperation in the nuclear security.

We aspire to creation the point of gaining for contacts and exchanging information convenient for developers, suppliers and consumers of innovative solutions assuring the nuclear security.

We think that integral part of this activity is to support organized and efficient discussion on nuclear security between experts, specialists and managers in field of state system and management, safety, security, struggle against terrorism, arrangement and regulation of potentially hazardous technologic systems, social policy on territories adjacent to hazardous facilities and public psychology.

Our logo

LEX Scientific and Research Informational - Analytical CentreOn background of olive color, the color of peace, the radiation danger sign, as  the symbol of potential hazard to health, human life, environment to which could result malicious acts involving nuclear and radioactive materials, associated  installations, activities and infrastructure.

The radiation danger sign is surrounded by physical barriers of black rectangles with controlled accesses means that nuclear security aimed at suppression malicious acts involving nuclear and radioactive materials, associated installations, activities and infrastructure, including counteraction measures to nuclear terrorism.

The inscription «Lex» on our logo means that establishment of a comprehensive the global nuclear security structure (regime) and national structures (regimes) should be based on application of the relevant international-legal documents and national regulatory bases.

Blue color of background it is peaceful sky, safety of population and environmental cleanliness of the environment.

The globe on the logo of Centre «LEX» speaks about importance of international interaction and partnership in the nuclear security.

We are open for cooperation with everyone who does not reject our principles.

We invite you to cooperation!

Lately we observe regular DDos attacks for our website but we are successfully fighting against these attacks. But hackers are not abandoning their attempts to «hack» our site so there may be some difficulties in the work of our website.